Delilah. So sweet, even with the scars on her face, but her heart is not scarred. She is wanting a fur-ever home.

Reina’s House

My dear friend Richard, shortly after moving to Greensboro, North Carolina, lost his longtime companion, his angel in fur, Sammie. Sammie was found 14 years prior, tied to a fence in Harlem in the sweltering heat. Richard, at the time, was a real estate agent and was showing an apartment to prospective buyers. He noticed the dog, panting and looking fearful, but presumed an owner had probably left the dog to enter a store or such. But 24 hours later, Richard arrived back in Harlem to show the same apartment to another prospective buyer, and found the same dog, chained to the same fence, except now totally dehydrated and gasping for breath.

Richard unchained the dog, and even though the dog weighed 80 pounds, he was able to hoist the nearly dead dog into a taxi and to the nearest vet’s office. After a few days of very guarded care, the dog rallied around to the point where he was conscious and now Richard, never ever dreaming he would have a dog in his small NYC apartment, now had on his hands an abandoned, emaciated, and very fearful LARGE  dog. In the cab ride home, Richard lovingly petted the dog, which in turn calmed down the dog. By the time Richard arrived at this Tudor City apartment, both the dog and Richard and had found a new best friend and the dog had a new name.. SAMMIE!!!… Sammie wasn’t the prettiest dog on the block, especially on  a block which prefers designer dogs. In the midst of Bichon Frises’, Portuguese Water Spaniels,  Bouvier des Flandres, and the ever present Manhattan snob dog, the Cavalier King Charles, Sammie became the favorite dog at the dogie park and at Biscuits and Bath…Sammie didn’t know he wasn’t beautiful, but he sure knew he was happy, and his happiness shone like a gleaming beacon and that beautiful soul and spirit is what made Sammie the “Toast of Tudor City”.. of course it didn’t hurt that he had the most handsome man in New York City walking him, but that’s beside the point.

After many years of happiness together, Sammie went away to spend eternity in Dogie Heaven, (sappy, I know).  And Richard was left lonely and grieving. Always a good friend, I came rushing to the rescue and said you must get a dog right away, and instead of a designer dog, let’s find an abandoned dog who needs, really needs, a  fur-ever home. Richard, like I, had always wanted pedigree dogs, but Sammie changed both our minds on that idea. I no longer support puppy mills. And I am now way too aware of the numbers of dogs being horribly killed in gas chambers and with heart sticks every single day. 14,000 a day. That’s right. FOURTEEN THOUSAND DOGS A DAY DIE IN GAS CHAMBERS AND WITH HEART STICKS in the U.S.A.



My google search to find a dog for Richard led me to Miss Jean, of Reina’s House not terribly far from Greensboro, North Carolina. OH MY WORD!!! What adorable dogs! Still living because of Miss Jean who goes to kill shelters and takes in homeless dogs from other good Samaritans. One of my recent Colin Lively Show’s topic was about pets. Their important role they play in our lives. How they can help with dementia, with loneliness, and  can even  be of comfort in the last few hours of a human’s life. They provide us with such love and loyalty. Mindfully, let’s grow a population of people who will, in turn, honor them. Stop the inhumane treatment. And, as for me, I am doing my best to stop eating them. That’s the hardest part, but I’m getting there.

Let’s support Miss Jean and her big heart with her venture Reina’s House, with adopting one of her fur covered angels, perhaps helping her with the financial burden of spaying and neutering, and at the very least, a THANK YOU for all that she does, tirelessly and through her own compassion for Man’s Best Friend.


TINY TINA. Tina wants to show you how she can fetch her Frisbee and bring it back to you.

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