The night promised to be long as she gyrated to the music.
The floors thumped and the poll vibrated with the beat
she looked out at the crowd with eyes half closed,
looking for her mark.
When she saw him she smirked,
slithering off of the stage,
she gathered the remnants of her dress
stalking towards him.
With a flash of a smile
a wiggle of her charms
catching his attention.
Rubbing against him
leading him to the room.
Music and smoke swirled around them as she mounted his lap.
Pushing her chest into his face while circumventing the club’s no touch rule.
Sweat mingling with his as his breath quickened.
She writhed against and around him, tempting and beguiling.
She smiled into his eyes
swiveling her hips around his.
Heat built as the music pulsed,
but when it stopped so did she.
Walking away with a wave
a smile she returned to the stage.
He never noticed his money was gone until much later.