Robert Misic, Author of "Crash & Burn"

Most Americans who fly would like to believe that the FAA spares no effort in protecting their safety, from ensuring airport security to contributing to the effectiveness of the air traffic control system. Unfortunately, that belief is inaccurate. Crash & Burn: The Bureaupathology of the Federal Aviation Administration adds to the mounting evidence that the FAA has not only failed to keep the skies safe but has compromised that safety by creating a culture of deception, abuse, and unlawful behavior.

According to the FAA’s Web site, the agency’s vision is “to improve the safety and efficiency of aviation, while being responsive to our customers and accountable to the public.” There is overwhelming evidence that the FAA is very far from attaining safety, responsiveness, or accountability. This book was written to pull back that curtain of secrecy and reveal the true nature of the FAA. Crash & Burn poses three important questions:  1. What is “bureaupathology”?  2. How does this term apply to the FAA? 3. What are the consequences to the flying public when an agency responsible for all aspects of aviation safety is managed by bureaupaths?

Robert M. Misic was an FAA air traffic controller based in Miami, Florida. He was a facility representative of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) and lobbied Congress on behalf of NATCA for the betterment of the flying public. His personnel file is filled with letters of commendation for “outstanding contribution to the exemplary service” from the officials of the FAA, representatives of NATCA, former instructors, and organizations to which he made presentations.

Reesa Graham

The middle of the show will be devoted to a a young woman who was self-described as non-political. It would seem the Social Conservatives have awakened a sleeping giant in women because overnight, Reesa Graham began a movement of her own in the “Wear White for Women’s Rights” campaign and she’ll be here to tell us all what it’s about and how to get involved.  She’s an interesting woman with an interesting story of awakening.



Katie Goodman

Finishing up the hour is our friend and sister in spirit, author, singer/songwriter, actress and comedienne, Katie Goodman.  Katie will share her insights on current events and inject some humor in an otherwise drab world.  For a preview of Katie’s most recent addition to YouTube, you can give her a listen here:




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