From Healing to Hell

In From Healing to Hell, a now adult son bravely reveals the tragedies he encountered as a young adult and the harrowing ordeal his family faced at the hands of the U.S. government. An award-winning inventor and successful oral surgeon, one would never guess author Dr. W. Henry Wall, Jr. has a dark past filled with anguish, unanswered questions, and heartbreak.

Like his son, Dr. W. Henry Wall, Sr. was a celebrated medical professional and a pillar of his community. He was also a state senator and mental health advocate – until things took a turn for the worst. In the late 1940s Dr. Wall, Sr. became unwittingly addicted to Demerol, a narcotic prescribed to him after a routine dental procedure. Soon after, the Wall family found itself trapped in a nightmarish chain of events.

Dr. W. Henry Wall, Jr.

In 1953, Dr. W. Henry Wall, Sr. was arrested on federal drug charges, convicted, and sentenced to the only U.S. prison for addicts. His community was shocked. His family was emotionally and financially devastated.

It gets worse.

In prison, Dr. Wall, Sr. was subjected to the CIA’s MK-Ultra experiments of the 1950s and 60s. He was given drugs, most likely LSD, against his will and his mental health was irrevocably damaged as a result. Ironically, a man who once fought for the rights of people with mental health problems became one himself.

Until his death, Dr. W. Henry Wall, Sr. was plagued by psychotic episodes and paranoia. He struggled to distinguish between imagination and reality and dealt with intense delusions and thoughts of suicide.

From Healing to Hell gives life to an emotional and controversial time in U.S. history. It also explores political and social issues still relevant today, including:

  • Government officials acting above the law
  • Secrecy and cover-ups by the U.S. government
  • Our country’s security versus individual rights
  • The importance of government transparency
  • Accidental addiction to prescription drugs
  • Overcoming adversity and a troubled upbringing

“I hope my family’s half-century nightmare gives every American fair warning,” says Dr. Wall, Jr. “While government is essential to our way of life, its powers must never be left unchecked.”

Dr. W. Henry Wall, Jr. is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and award-winning inventor with more than 19 medical patents. In From Healing to Hell, Dr. Wall, Jr. reveal the ordeals he faced as a young adult and the tragic story of his father, a victim of the C.I.A.’s unlawful MK-Ultra human experimentation program. The program, which began in the 1950s, tested the effects of LSD, hypnosis, and electroconvulsive therapy on U.S. and Canadian citizens. It is considered one of the greatest tarnishes on modern American history.

Scott Crider, founder of "Dogs Against Romney"

For the second half of the hour, we will be joined by Scott Crider, founder of the grassroots phenomenon, Dogs Against Romney.

Anyone with a television or access to social media has heard about the infamous “Seamus-gate” incident, in which the presumptive GOP nominee strapped the family pet to the top of his station wagon for a trip.  In June 1983, Romney and his family were preparing for their annual vacation from their Belmont, MA home to a family cottage in Beach O’ Pines, Ontario. Seamus was enclosed in a carrier that Romney had equipped with a windshield and strapped on the roof of the family’s Chevy Caprice station wagon. Sometime during the 650-mile trip from Massachusetts to Ontario, the dog became afflicted with diarrhea, causing excrement to flow down the windows of the car. Romney stopped at

Tess Baker joins "Dogs Against Romney"

a gas station to hose down the dog, the carrier and the car, then put Seamus back in his carrier, and continued the 12-hour trip to the family’s vacation home.  During a 2012 interview. Romney stated that Seamus enjoyed being in the dog carrier, an “air-tight kennel,” and that he was not aware of any violations of Massachusetts law. *Yes, Willard, it’s illegal.* Mrs. Romney has complained that the news media has exaggerated the severity of the incident and compared traveling in the roof-top dog carrier to riding a motorcycle. Given that dogs possess no opposable thumb with which to grasp the handlebars… we’re thinking she’s probably wrong about that.  PETA has weighed in on the cruelty of the act, as well as many other animal rights organizations.

Enter Scott Crider.

Scott Crider is an award winning digital creative director, social media/interactive marketing strategist, and blogger living in Gulf Shores, Alabama. A Web 2.0 pioneer since 2005, Crider’s background in social media includes authoring two blogs that have received millions of visitors and massive media attention from virtually all major U.S. news media and many International media outlets. His work was also written about in a book about viral culture.  Scott has demonstrated acumen in harnessing the power of Facebook community-building and strategic application of social plug-ins to drive narrative across all media channels, online and offline.

So, what do you get when you take one digital media guru and cross it with a politician who, many suspect this incident personifies his disconnected, clinical leadership style?  DOGS AGAINST ROMNEY.  We’ll examine both sides of the issue – see if it’s much ado about nothing or does it speak to a larger character issue with a man who is asking us to make him the leader of the free world?  We’ll find out.

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