As our regular listeners know, Vicki has been on a well-deserved vacation, but I’ve tried to keep her advised of the goings-on here at BROADSIDED. When I told her the show I wanted to present this week, she agreed to take some time out of her very enjoyable summer with family to COME BACK TO US for this Thursday’s special BROADcast!  The team has been restored, at least temporarily…

This week on BROADSIDED, we take a look at an issue that has been largely ignored by the mainstream media, the government and the medical establishment and that is the issue of vaccine safety in the United States.  A very important film came onto our radar screen, a film called The Greater Good and this week, we’ll be joined by the maker of this award-winning documentary, Leslie Manookian.

We’ve been conditioned to trust our family physician, and remember the days when polio outbreaks terrified entire neighborhoods each summer.  The development of the polio vaccines have been historically touted to have eradicated the disease.  What most people don’t know is that hundreds of children were exposed to contaminated vaccines and died in the early stages of the vaccine program.

But what is actually in vaccines today?  Mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde and other things, never designed to be handled by the human body have resulted in many documented cases of autism, brain damage and even death in our children.  Worse, the most powerful lobby in Washington, D.C. have paid to make sure the pharmaceutical companies can not be sued in civil court, even if it can be proved they have the ability to produce a safer vaccine.

Film maker Leslie Manookian came into this

Leslie Manookian

project as we did, with no agenda or preconceived notions on the outcome of her research and what she found resulted in an award-winning documentary film that should be required viewing for every person who has received a vaccine and every parent with health decisions to make for their children.  Leslie was a Wall Street business executive who, upon researching the topic has become a documentary film maker and activist on this subject.  She’s well-researched and speaks with knowledge and passion.  It is her desire not to stop the vaccination program in the United States, but to open an honest dialogue where we can be honestly educated to make safe decisions for our families and ourselves.

The average child will receive more than 49 doses of 14 different vaccines before the age of 18.  Some children receive as many as 9 doses in a single session, each of those doses containing contaminants.  More than 50 percent of our kids suffer from chronic illness and yet, we never question why.  Austism was unheard of 50 years ago, yet today, few of us can say we are unacquainted with someone who has a child suffering from some form of autism.

In preparation for this interview, we watched another documentary film available on YouTube.  We’d like to recommend you see “Shots In The Dark” and of course, watch Leslie’s wonderful film, The Greater Good.

This is a conversation worth having and we do hope you’ll join us.  You can watch the movie trailer for The Greater Good here:

So let’s roll up our sleeves and talk, but please, hold off on that flu shot until you’ve had a chance to see the film and share in this very important program…

…because you’re about to get BROADSIDED!

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