Author: Deby Owens

God Had a Busy Weekend!

God Had a Busy Weekend! This weekend found us surrounded by friends and family, laughing,talking and planning where to go for the next vacation etc. Had planed Outer Banks this year but now thinking maybe White Lake since we will have a toddler who most definitely will run instead of walking so the lake may be a little more toddler friendly. Who really knows? On Friday I heard that an old friend had passed away, he had cancer and had fought the good fight and now he is at peace, his worries are over, his best hunting and fishing...

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Random Thoughts: Day 1

Random Thoughts:  Day 1 This is my very first blog.  Where does one begin? Today I find my mind going from here to there, not hanging out in any one place too long.  It does that some days.  I come from a family who puts the “fun” in dysfunctional quite often and can have more drama in two days than the average “normal” family can have in five years! Oh, the stories I could tell and maybe I will! I think I might want a new dining room table, made from old barn wood, maybe even a bench so...

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