God Had a Busy Weekend!

This weekend found us surrounded by friends and family, laughing,talking and planning where to go for the next vacation etc. Had planed Outer Banks this year but now thinking maybe White Lake since we will have a toddler who most definitely will run instead of walking so the lake may be a little more toddler friendly. Who really knows?

On Friday I heard that an old friend had passed away, he had cancer and had fought the good fight and now he is at peace, his worries are over, his best hunting and fishing days have just begun. He was 50, folks that is not old, and that is sad, sad for his family who I am sure just weren’t ready to say good bye.

On Saturday I heard that an old friend had died, 52 he was a good man, had a good heart but was an alcoholic, had been ever since our early teens.  I honestly can’t think of a time I ever saw him that he wasn’t drinking.  He died a slow painful death.  I pray he busted heaven wide open and God wrapped him in his loving arms and said welcome home!

On Saturday night I heard that another friend had passed away.  She was only 50 and had died on Monday and I think the family had just found it out this weekend.  She had a daughter and a grandson.  She had gone through quite the midlife crisis, thought the grass was greener on the other side, left her husband and family and went to the mountains to live with some man she met on the internet.  In her crisis she found she loved to drink and she loved pills.  I am afraid she mixed too many of something. My heart truly breaks for her family. This girl was my neighbor, she went to my school, to my church, had a super crush on my husband long before he was mine and now she is gone, just like that GONE!

Today I got up, got ready and came to work, today nothing they had to do matters, today two of them will be buried, one yesterday.  Today their families will walk away from that grave and know that that part of their life is gone, be it go or bad it is done.  For those who have died it doesn’t matter anymore. By this point they have reached their final destinations.  I pray they are all at peace and that it is well with their souls. I pray that their families are surrounded with a peace that only God can give.  I pray that each day finds them smiling a little more and hurting a little less.

For today I think I will look at my little family and thank God for our health, for all we have been blessed with, for our homes and our things that we want and love.  I will thank Him for another day, a day to work, a day to run this person to the doctor, a day to do this and to do that, a day to look up at the sky and appreciate it’s beauty.  I will thank him simply for another day to be alive, we just never know when we might run out of days!  When I die I will go to heaven.  I know it will be a glorious place and I think possibly so grand I will never even think of what I left behind.f  For right now, I will simply look around me and say “Thank you God for giving me today!”