Random Thoughts:  Day 1

This is my very first blog.  Where does one begin?

Today I find my mind going from here to there, not hanging out in any one place too long.  It does that some days.  I come from a family who puts the “fun” in dysfunctional quite often and can have more drama in two days than the average “normal” family can have in five years! Oh, the stories I could tell and maybe I will!

I think I might want a new dining room table, made from old barn wood, maybe even a bench so it can be snubbed up to the wall flush when not in use, I think old wood would look just fine with a lime green kitchen with my family’s hand prints all over the wall don’t you? How’s that for random?

I am the middle of seven children an older brother and two older sisters and then two younger sisters and a baby brother.  It’s really no wonder my mind wanders.  You try being stuck right smack dab in the middle of all that. Maybe a blog will be great because on here I get to talk; in the real world I listen.  I listen from around 7:30 each morning until 10:30 each night.  I even get paid to listen during the day. Some days my ears just get so tired!

I think when I get home today I am gonna redecorate my mantle, maybe use a couple old crocks and some dried flowers and a few other old things hanging around my house. I like to make things look pretty, not fixed, not decorated but just pretty. It makes me feel like I accomplished something without it being too hard or frustrating.

I want to say so much on here.  I want to tell you all about what made me be who I am, how I got from there to here and make you want to read about it.  I want to make you eager to see what each day holds.  I want to tell you stories that I have been told and make you be able to close your eyes and see them just as clearly as I do. I want to be the book you just can’t put down!  Hang with me folks and I will tell you what a strange and wonderful journey my life has been!!!

I am not sure if anybody will read this but if you do I thank you and I hope that some little bit of something I said will make you want to read what I post next time. For today I will leave you with those tiny little glimpses into who I am and will share lots of crazy stories in the days to come.