Author: Tonya Sheridan

The Power of Letting Go

by Tonya Sheridan One of the easiest ways to solve problems and end confusion in our lives is to allow God or our higher power to help us. In order to to this we must ‘Let Go’. It is the easiest and yet also the hardest thing for us to do. This is because we are not trusting that something better will come or we think that we know better and most of all, we are so used to holding on that we have forgetten that all we have to do is Let Go. We forget that letting go is one of our choices. I recently had a situation in my own...

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Be True to Yourself and Your Passion Will Find You

by Tonya Sheridan I often have women come to me who are struggling to find their passion and purpose in life. Some of them have had a major change in their life such as a divorce or their youngest or only child going off to college and others are just not satisfied with the work they are doing. What I know from my own personal experience and from working with many women over the years, is that when you find yourself, your passion finds you. It all starts from your interior, if you learn to turn inward, this is where all of your wisdom and strength lies. This...

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