by Tonya Sheridan

One of the easiest ways to solve problems and end confusion in our lives is to allow God or our higher power to help us. In order to to this we must ‘Let Go’. It is the easiest and yet also the hardest thing for us to do. This is because we are not trusting that something better will come or we think that we know better and most of all, we are so used to holding on that we have forgetten that all we have to do is Let Go. We forget that letting go is one of our choices.

I recently had a situation in my own life that I had approached from all different angles, I had tried everything from traditional methods of approaching the problem to “thinking out of the box” and nothing was working, not even a little.  One day while I was driving in my car I decided to use my Life Coaching skills on myself, I took a few deep breaths, got centered and asked myself “ok, how would I guide my client in this situation?” and my answer came… I needed to let it go. Nothing on this earthly planet was working and not due to a lack of effort on my part. Right then, I let it go and I immediately felt at peace and my head felt clear. I felt relief! And then guess what? The answer to the problem which I had been struggling with for over two months popped into my head within a minute. Honestly, it was that simple, so simple that it made me start laughing.” Of course!” I thought. So I took the action that I was guided to do and everything went smoothly and effortlessly.

I can see much more clearly when I am working with a client because my vision isn’t clouded by my own emotions and constant “thinking”. When I am getting ready to have a session with a client I get myself calm, centered and ready to enter a sacred space. When I applied these same techniques to my own life the answer came clearly, quickly and with no loss of energy on my part.

If you find yourself unable to find a solution to a problem, try this method:  take a deep slow inhale in through your nose and a slow exhale out of your mouth…do this at least three times. You should immediately start to feel some relief, if not do it a few more times. Now, mentally tell yourself or say it out loud if you want “Let it go” and then say “Anything can happen”.  Say it a few times and you will feel the relief. You are now letting your higher power know that you are releasing it and saying “anything can happen” is allowing solutions outside of what you ‘think’ can happen to come in. Now relax and the answer which was inside of you all along will come or the Universe will deliver it to you in another way.

copyright 2012 Tonya Sheridan, Life Coach Lifestyle & Longevity, LLC