by Tonya Sheridan

I often have women come to me who are struggling to find their passion and purpose in life. Some of them have had a major change in their life such as a divorce or their youngest or only child going off to college and others are just not satisfied with the work they are doing. What I know from my own personal experience and from working with many women over the years, is that when you find yourself, your passion finds you. It all starts from your interior, if you learn to turn inward, this is where all of your wisdom and strength lies. This is where all of your answers are, they are not “out there.

Our first and foremost purpose on this planet it to be ourselves. Therefore, the first step in your journey to discovering your passion is to become true to yourself. When you are in the truth of who you really are it’s easy to find your passion. After going through a major life transition we often have to reevaluate what are our thoughts and what are someone elses about who we really are. This means that we need to pay complete attention to the quality of our thoughts and feelings, and ground ourselves in our own identity as a spiritual being, rather than how we are perceived in the outside world. We are never without solutions to our own problems, we just need to get quiet and listen.

Everything that you need to identify your passion comes from within you. Once you tap into this your passion will become crystal clear. Then everything and everyone that you need to fulfill your life purpose will appear. If you don’t take the time to be true to yourself it is difficult to identify your passion and  you won’t realize the opportunities that are presented to you every single day to fulfill that passion. This means you have to take the time to get quiet, go within and develop the ability to center yourself completely in your own spiritual identity to the exclusion of all of the outside opinions and judgements. For some this is easier than others, depending on how much they have been influenced by outside beliefs, thoughts, and judgement.

Taking some quiet time each day is essential to find and nurture your interior. There is no right way to do this, for some women it’s meditation, for others it’s journaling or walking alone in nature. I have heard women beat themself up because they are unable to meditate, don’t do this. Some women receive the same benefits from journaling or getting lost in painting or sculpting. Do what works for you, be your own Guru.

When every woman goes within, nurtures their true self and lives their passion, the whole world will completely shift.

copyright 2012 Tonya Sheridan, Life Coach Lifestyle & Longevity, LLC