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If you plan on renting the DVD of “All Good Things,” please read this first

If you plan on renting the DVD of “All Good Things,” please read this Kathie McCormack was a beautiful young woman. When I look at pictures of her, I remember an even prettier woman. I liked Kathie because she was not all about her looks and that helped because I was so insecure about mine. My three brothers had secret crushes on her. I think they might protest this proclamation now, but their older sister saw their faces. Kathie always laughed the loudest at my father’s jokes and nothing pleased my late father more then to have a beautiful...

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Charles Manson Haunt, Spahn Movie Ranch, Hell or Hollywood History?

Charles Manson Haunt, Spahn Movie Ranch, Hell or Hollywood History? I am really going off the beaten path today as Christa, my daughter, and I decided to have an adventure in Hollywood history this week while we were off for the holiday and the reaction of others to our destination was quite surprising to me.  We went to the infamous Spahn Movie Ranch which was home to Manson and The Family at the time of the Tate/La Bianca murders. Having spent many years of my early career working in death row and criminal law I was interested in the...

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Current News – Alleged Allegations

Current News – Alleged Allegations I saw a brief segment (current news) on CNN last evening and I’m now wondering if the news about Bill Cosby is true.  I had heard a report a week ago about a woman who had made a statement about abuse occurring many years ago, but to have so many women step forward blows my mind.  My understanding is they are stepping forward in support of a woman who has a pending case regarding sexual assault allegations and they intend to offer testimony about their experiences with Mr. Cosby, if asked. Do you believe...

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Handy Tips for the First Time Buyer of Art

Handy Tips for the First Time Buyer of Art All of us love to have art in our homes. It immediately changes the whole appearance of the room, and gives it personality and character. Despite our best intentions, art is not easy to incorporate into our homes. It is not in any way easier to purchase art either, when we are confounded by the mind-boggling variety in style, color, size and type. All forms of art are lovely, provided the art you have in your home is something that you understand, appreciate and love. Also, it should be something that adds to your interior décor and increases, enhances and complements its beauty. Art can be bought to fit into a room or you can decorate a room to support and supplement the art you plan to place in it. You should first zero in on the type of art that you would love to have, and for this you need to have a good understanding of the different art forms out there. There are drawings, prints, paintings, sculpture, installations, photography, mixed media and crafts, to name a few, for you to choose from. Paintings are obviously on top of the list of art you would like to have in your home. So let’s explore the amazing world of paintings, and art in general, through the eyes of a first...

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What Feminist Theater Means to Me

What Feminist Theater Means to Me Let me first start by introducing myself to those who don’t know me and stumbled upon this on accident.  My name is Reesa.  And I am an unabashed feminist.  Some of you will stop reading or role their eyes at that, and that’s fine, it’s your right.  Just as it is my right to believe that all humans are equal, regardless of sex, color, sexual orientation, or anything else you want to put in this category.   I have spent the last few years of my life trying to figure out how to best work towards equality.  I’m still...

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