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Mein Fuhrer, You Built That

Donald J. Trump, take a look around. Take a long look at the people dressed in the khaki pants, the white golf shirts and the red ‘Make America Great Again’ made in China hats. It’s the Official Uniform™ of the American Neo-Nazi Movement©.  No, wait – that’s you on one of your many golf properties. No, wait – that really is the Nazis. I’m confused, but we should all be confused, especially after the murder of a 32 year old woman who followed her conscience to counter-protest the march on Charlottesville, Virginia and the disgusting response by the President...

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The Opinionated Bitch – On Celebrating American Ignorance

On Celebrating American Ignorance Waiting out the noise of the Trayvon Martin trial verdict seemed prudent in an effort to avoid being emotional. In retrospect, good choice because so much of what I had initially assumed turned out to be dead wrong. I frequently make jokes about living in Hooterville, my nickname for a Blue heart living in a Red State, but virtually seconds after the verdict, this place sounded like a war zone. I raced outside, thinking my home was under siege. What I witnessed can only be described as the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. My neighbors...

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Drama in the Theatre…Live! The Colin Lively Show, Fri., Aug. 24th 2pm EDT

Saving The Slave! The once famed civil rights epicenter is up for auction, and Sarah Wolff, with her 501 (c) 3, New Brooklyn Theatre, are trying to save it. The Slave Theater became a Brooklyn civil rights landmark in the early 1980s, when community activists like Al Sharpton and Alton Maddox came to the political foreground during rallies at the theater, and racial tensions in New York City were running high. Now it sits empty, but not devoid of history. The history held therein is not something we should just tear down and let fall out of sight because all...

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The coming and going and going and coming, and always too soon, at the SHEEPSHEAD BAY BOULEVARD mansion of Nora Redmond is racing to a toe curling climax. Complete with the totally insane Nora herself, her swishy companion, Max, who tingles at the sound of each GRINDR notification, which seem to go off between the hours of 2 and 4 a.m. Moe Willis, who claimed he only wanted to cut her kudzu, but now we know is actually in cahoots with the Evil Betty Ruay, who stole Nora’s SCRAMBLED LEGS and became as wealthy as Sara Berkley.. and now...

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Christians Buy Chicken for God

It’s a greasy piece of fried chicken breast and a side of waffle fries. For some, it’s just a fattening meal from Chick-fil-a, but on August 1st, 2012,  people saw it as a ticket to heaven…or something. Thousands of people in the country went to Chick-fil-a to prove their faith in God, the bible, and traditional values. If you don’t know, the company is known for being focused on the family and they give their money towards anti-gay foundations. At first I thought the company started it themselves and they were giving away free food. Nope. People just decided...

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