The coming and going and going and coming, and always too soon, at the SHEEPSHEAD BAY BOULEVARD mansion of Nora Redmond is racing to a toe curling climax. Complete with the totally insane Nora herself, her swishy companion, Max, who tingles at the sound of each GRINDR notification, which seem to go off between the hours of 2 and 4 a.m. Moe Willis, who claimed he only wanted to cut her kudzu, but now we know is actually in cahoots with the Evil Betty Ruay, who stole Nora’s SCRAMBLED LEGS and became as wealthy as Sara Berkley.. and now with the help of a drag queen , fictitiously using the name Ashley Madison, when in actuality , he is Billy Joe McAllister. Billy Joe is nothing more than a drag queen who appeared regularly at TIME OUT in Myrtle Beach as Tawny Fae Heavenly, before the Westboro Baptist Church ran him out of town.. was last seen throwing his size 12 sequined shoes and duct tape over the Tallahatchee Bridge. Later that night, a Dorothy Bishop style wig was found on the edge of Withers Swash, near  the Grand Strand.

How Billy Joe and Moe Willis came to know one another and be enlisted by Mugsy Balone and the Evil Betty Ruay has yet to be revealed. But wait until you hear this one. It is going to make the readers of 50 SHADES OF GREY run for cover, handcuffs, whips, chains, and all. There is a line in the sand when something becomes way too much for the most hedonistic of us all.