6 Ways That Glass Can Feature In Your Interiors

Interior design is a topic in which we all have a little interest. Whether it’s a passion of ours or something we consider for just a few weeks a year, an awareness of the components which come together to form great interior design ideas is essential to create a pleasant environment within our homes.

One of the most important factors which plays a role in our interior design ideas is material. Here, we take a look at glass and how it can feature in our homes to create a more attractive and inviting atmosphere.

Why Use Glass?

Glass is becoming an increasingly popular material inside the home. One of the main reasons for this is that it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Not only can glass be used for a huge number of household items, from tables to balustrades, but it is always able to appear unobtrusive. Glass is a modern and affordable option which can fit in with almost every style, from the traditional to the ultra-modern. Here, we take a look at six possible uses for glass within the home.

1. Staircases

As this piece in the Telegraph makes clear, a staircase can make a home. Glass might not be the first material which springs to mind when thinking of a staircase but in reality it can be an excellent choice of material. One of the main benefits of installing a glass staircase has to do with light. Particularly in smaller spaces, the difference made by a glass staircase can be phenomenal. The key here lies in allowing the light which enters the upper level of your home to flow naturally down to your ground floor.

glass staircase interiors

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2. Balustrades

If you’re looking to create a feeling of space around your staircase but aren’t yet ready to take the step towards an entirely glass staircase, fitting glass balustrades is an excellent compromise. A panel grip glass balustrade allows light to flow through in the same way, bringing separate levels in the home together to create one united, cosy space.

interior glass balustrade

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3. Tables

A glass table is an excellent choice in a home of any style. In addition to appearing sleek and stylish, one sizeable benefit to a glass table is that it doesn’t clutter a room. For this reason glass tables can be particularly effective when used in smaller spaces.

Glass is also an excellent material for dining tables, reflecting the light of the candles to create an ambient and romantic environment throughout your evening meal. Just be sure to keep your table clean to maintain that special look. There is no shortage of design ideas which feature glass tables.

glass table

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4. Stained Glass

It’s no secret that colour can be an especially powerful element when it comes to interior design. In addition to the colour you use when selecting your furnishings and decoration, it’s possible to use glass to add another dimension to the colour in your home.

Stained glass can have a subtle but important impact on the light which flows into your home. The effect that glass has on your home’s light is one of its most attractive features.

stained glass


5. Vases

We’ve already mentioned the ability that glass has to carry out jobs in the home without cluttering your living space. This can filter seamlessly into the ornaments you use to decorate your home. Glass vases allow you to bring bright, beautiful flowers into the home while maintaining an element of minimalism.

glass vase

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6. Large Windows

As London’s Shard proves, the exterior of a building can have an impact on the interior. Nowhere is this fact more apparent than in your windows. Fitting oversized windows allows more light into your home, transforming your interior space dramatically. Again, this can be particularly powerful in smaller spaces.

window glass

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