As humans we are primarily motivated to belong to a group. It elicits a sense of security, identity and promotes survival. In the wild, a herding animal is attacked when it separates from the herd. So the most instinctual behavior is to blend within the herd and mute ourselves so that we are camouflaged within the group. This is a great tactic for primordial survival. But what about spiritual survival?

A less base and more human need is to be recognized. So man goes through existence balancing this primal fear to stand out with this inherent desire to be special and different. Organizations understand these two needs of individuals. This is how they keep their group from diminishing in numbers.

Imagine any group that you can belong to. Do they tell you that you are a part of a special group? Do they make you feel secure;either in your life or your future;because you belong to them? Do they make feel like you are part of a special group? Do they tell you all other groups are wrong? Do they have information that only you,as a member are privy to? And most importantly of all:Is there a fear of leaving them because of the repercussions?

The more controlling the group,the tighter the restrictions are. They feel that it is in their best interest to not allow information from an opposing group to infiltrate their belief system. Also,the more controlling the group,the higher the stakes are if you leave it. When the fear of loosing your place in the organizational herd is so elevated,it has the effect of an individual forgoing common sense and abiding by anything the group offers as restrictions.

A gazelle running for its life is not thinking about anything but melting into the group when there is a predator around. An organization has to maintain that same level of fear but also has to make an individual feel comfortable and relaxed while they are in the “herd”.  Also,the bigger the herd,the stronger it is. So it is important to have members.

The easiest way for a group to maintain its numbers is to have them born into the “herd”. It is much much easier to keep your herd strong by having more members born into it than to try to convert from outside the group. This is why there is such a big push to demand groups to have strong families with a lot of children that they may not be able to care for. It is because this is how some great organizations keep their members up.

Another reason for many members (and this is a personal theory) is that all groups are an energetic ponzie scheme. Meaning:they seem to have this great source of energy in the form of Love or empowerment that they offer their group. But the energy is generated from the sacred devotion of each of its followers. It is extracted from the members and made part of the pool that makes this group emanate spiritual Light and Love. That is why it is so important to show your devotion and give it to a cornerstone of the group.

When you give your Love and devotion to a cornerstone of the group,you are giving your energy to the group to be dispersed as needed. It adds to the over all good feeling of the whole group. It adds to the power of the group. And by giving it up freely,it also contains the individual from outshining the others. And if by chance,the individual still shines,they are made a mouthpiece of the cornerstone.

You as an individual are able to tap into the source of Pure Love Light and Abundance. It is never outside of you. It is within. If you pray,meditate,exercise,debate,compete or anything else that uplifts you in your group,it will uplift you in the privacy of your own self. The Love is emanating from you. Once someone can accept this truth,they can start to break away from primal fears and really start to discover who THEY are as a spiritual being. They can keep their own power and build upon it. They can enlighten themselves.