Author: Fiction Contest

God’s Drug

by Angela Pilson “How was your first week?” Cali counted the seventy-sixth ruby square on Dr. Harvey’s shag carpet. For a doctor, he had odd taste. She raised her brows at him, thicker and uneven since they won’t give her...

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by Elaine Kehoe You first noticed it in that restaurant in Salt Lake City. Sitting at the bar, waiting for a table, you heard the sound of a glass crashing behind you. You started, looked at him and he at you. “Someone’s in...

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Falls the Shadow

by Courtney Patkau The truck has become a safe place, a calm place where silence doesn’t seem so loud, where tangible emotions are weaved into the fabric of the seats—boyfriends, music, the stale cigarettes lingering from...

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King Larry

by Janet Richards Larry smiled with darting eyes, his jaundiced teeth glaring against the swarthy tones of his face. The heightened intensity of his movements signaled to everyone in the office that it was time for a smoke....

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Joey’s Hand

by Tim Leeming The last few words of the Monkee’s “Daydream Believer” floated through the dark room as Jeremy Kendall blinked back the drug induced sleepiness from his eyes to see the dimly lighted red numbers on the digital...

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Unfocused Lens

by Emily Knott You used to take black and white photographs of strangers. You hung the prints in your room like an amateur Diane Arbus, and the first time I saw the walls, layered with unsmiling people, I thought you must be...

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