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Andy Warhol’s Greatest Fan

by Lauren McLaughlin Chase took her seat in the very first row of the cabin of the plane that was to take her from St. Petersburg, Florida to Kansas City, MO, and immediately began to notice a dozen things happening around her...

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Available Fortune

by Keddy Outlaw Day upon day, year after year, it got worse.  The women he met shopped desperately for marriage candidates.  One woman told him she knew on the very first date whether the specimen at hand was husband material. ...

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by Anthony DeSantis After she retired, Mrs. Quaid only belly-danced andsat on our patio with us and her husband.They werehillbillies from Appalachia.No one knew why they moved to the suburbs of Florida. It didn’t matter where...

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Learning to Kiss in the Snow

by David Tarpley she: I love him.  I think I… I do… Yes, I definitely do.  He makes me laugh.  He is a thoroughly reliable man.  (Safe.)  He is always on time.  He is good to me and my family.  He even mows the grass.  So why is...

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Promises by the Sea

by J. Chris Lawrence and Agnostic Zetetic Shuffling through an old shoe box, my hands seize on the smooth surface of a postcard. A chill brushes over me as I gingerly caress the laminated surface. Staring into it, memories stir...

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Sharp Tongue of a Short Life

by Alex E. Mosier “Everyone has their story.  What is it that made them who they are.  What situations, circumstances, this that and the next thing as well as their reaction that shaped them into who they are.  I don’t argue for...

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