Author: Fiction Contest


by Dylan Magruder Hank and I snuck away from his house with two six packs of beer from the convenience store down the street and glasses we took from my cabinets. We had a tradition of going out into the fields next to his...

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Padraig the Magic Dragon

by Sonya Once upon a time in a mystical land called Waikato there lived a wee boy with bright red hair called Padraig. Padraig lived high upon a hill in a beautiful purple castle with his mother and father and older brother...

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Why I Work From Home

by Lois Carlisle Up until a girl named Sarah, who was sitting in a chair outside of the front office, started bleeding from her nose, I had been having a pretty okay day. I rushed over to her, tissues in hand. The blood pooled...

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In Search of a Bride

by Ali Sharah Son, why don’t you get yourself a wife? Ali’s father questioned him scornfully while filling tobacco in his ‘Hukka’(pipe). See Master Sadiq, our neighbors’ son, he is only twenty three and what a caring wife he has...

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