Have you ever been around someone who is bitter? Someone who has to put you down to make themselves feel good? It’s like walking on eggshells, never knowing what is going to set them off! There is a person of substantial significance in my life who, instead of promoting great confidence, they cause me great pain. For years I escaped from it through drugs and alcohol, until I figured out that all that was doing was killing myself and giving more ammunition to be used against me.

In 12 step recovery, the 4th and 5th steps are about reflecting upon our past and taking an honest inventory or ourselves – who we resent, how did it affect our life, who have we hurt and what guilt do we carry because of it. Then we do some soul searching, surrendering our character defects and shortcomings to the God of our understanding – for me that is Jesus.
Learning to live with others is a fascinating adventure.
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