Tricia Erickson

As the GOP was starting to ramp up their political machine earlier this year, Broadsided was joined by Conservative pundit, Tricia Erickson. Now that Willard is the presumptive GOP nominee, Carol and Vicki have invited her back to take a serious look at his beliefs. Tricia is the author of “Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters-The Mormon Church Versus The Office of the Presidency of The United States”, she is a former Mormon and the daughter of a Mormon Bishop – and she has a lot to say on the topic of Willard “Mitt” Romney and why he’s not fit to be President of the United States. While most of us concern ourselves with his public policy, Tricia is far more concerned with Mr. Romney’s religious beliefs, and she’ll openly share with us why those are far more dangerous than any public policy to which he may adhere.

Prof. Paul Peterson

Also joining the show is Coastal Carolina University Professor Paul Peterson, who teaches many political science and government courses. He is a Mormon and firmly believes Mitt Romney is the best man, the only man, to take the Presidency.


So please join Carol, Vicki, and the famous chat line as both sides present their views on Mitt Romney’s ability, or lack there-of,  to serve his God and our country.


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