It’s a greasy piece of fried chicken breast and a side of waffle fries. For some, it’s just a fattening meal from Chick-fil-a, but on August 1st, 2012,  people saw it as a ticket to heaven…or something.

Thousands of people in the country went to Chick-fil-a to prove their faith in God, the bible, and traditional values. If you don’t know, the company is known for being focused on the family and they give their money towards anti-gay foundations. At first I thought the company started it themselves and they were giving away free food. Nope. People just decided to gather up and buy some chicken in the name of traditional marriage.

Congratulations, you’re a bigot!

I’m not very religious but sometimes I admire those who are. It’s awesome to believe in a higher power and have faith. That being said, God doesn’t give a shit if you bought a chicken sandwich. If you want to be a good Christian, put that hateful energy towards something positive. Donate to charity or help out at the animal shelter.

It does give me a glimmer of hope for humanity that there were protestors. At least there are some people who are standing up for the good things in the world, like love and equality. If there is a God, he (or she) would be smiling down on those people and laughing at the ones with the waffle fries.

And to those who did buy Chick-fil-a on this day, I hope your piece had one of those gross, fatty things in it.