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Film Reel Memories

By Emily Knott I took a photography class during my sophomore year of high school. For each assignment, I borrowed a thirty-five millimeter camera from the school to shoot a reel of black and white film. I couldn’t drive, so...

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Hand Me Downs

By Susan Silver “My mother is a poem I’ll never be able to write, though everything I write is a poem to my mother.” – Sharon Doubiago My fingers moved furiously across the page. Moving with strokes trying to stay...

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A Different View of Prison

By Bridget Sampson Chatsworth, California, May 12, 2006 “Gotta interview a guy in jail,” my husband says. “Wanna come with me? “ “Jail? Me? I donʼt know, Neal. Well…maybe.” I reread a few of the articles I give my students....

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The Worst Part

By Brian Joye You are 10 years old. You come home every day from school and chug two bottles of soda. Your thirst still doesn’t go away. You tell your mother, and she just tells you to drink water. Water will quench your thirst...

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What Gets Left Behind

By Angela Pilson By the end of spring break, I’ve had enough of Judge Judy, Dr. Oz and ornery, cranky grandparents. My mom and I have been in Florida since Friday morning, and although I have not seen them in two years, I am...

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