Author: Nonfiction Contest

We Were Nine

By Brianna Blacklock 111 Sherwood Circle, Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota. I forget the zip. I can get there without it. × “You know drinking milk makes your boobs grow big,” Heleina said, her pasty legs dangling from the...

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By Janet Richards A sauerbraten roast simmers on the stove and the pungent smell of red cabbage and spatzel permeates the air. My Austrian grandma, Mitzel, is up to her elbows in cucumbers and sour cream as she churns the...

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Untitled: Grace Dudley

By Grace Dudley Well, here I am yet again… Sitting , pondering, hoping for answers. So many questions. Not enough answers. Why do these thoughts run through my head? Why can’t I make sense out of life?  Out of why people...

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Film Reel Memories

By Emily Knott I took a photography class during my sophomore year of high school. For each assignment, I borrowed a thirty-five millimeter camera from the school to shoot a reel of black and white film. I couldn’t drive, so...

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