Did you or someone you know enter our first-ever Devin Alexander Creative Writing Contest?

We have some amazingly talented people in Here Women Talk and received 50 eligible submissions! You all have chosen your favorites in three categories, and now it’s time to vote for the $100 Grand Prize winner. Congratulations to Marita Rahlenbeck, Carole Harris Barton and Lauren McLaughlin (see author bios below). Voting remains open until midnight PDT on April 21, 2012.

Carole Harris Barton

Carole Harris Barton (Nonfiction:  Them People), wife, mother, and grandmother, has authored two books since her retirement from a career in public service. When God Gets Physical is an inspiring collection of true stories about people who heard God’s voice, felt his touch, or saw a sign of his presence.Rainbows in Coal Country is a memoir about her childhood adventures at the coalmine in Kentucky where her father worked. Carole lives in Clearwater, Florida, where she is active in church and music groups. She is the primary caregiver of her husband, one of the estimated 5.4 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease.


Lauren McLaughlin

Lauren McLaughlin (Fiction: Andy Warhol’s Greatest Fan) is part of a team of thousands of teachers on the planet at this time, whose purpose is to remind those who wish to remember that they are deeply and dearly loved by the creator and sustainer of all life, that the answers to the most important questions they have are carefully stored in their own heart, and that they deliberately chose the human experience for the sheer fun of it. Lauren is a writer, speaker, and retreat facilitator who is currently living happily-ever-after with her husband, John, in Clearwater, Florida.


Marita Rahlenbeck

Marita Rahlenbeck (Poetry: Nature Wakes) is the founder of Marita International, LLC – a firm created with the express purpose to take the message of Spiritual Awakening to the world. As a Soul Mentor, Marita supports others on their path toward wholeness. She is dedicated and passionate about empowering others on their spiritual journeys. Marita offers a unique Life Transitions Mentorship Program for those individuals seeking a holistic approach of support during times of change, citing that many times a Spiritual Awakening stands before us in the shape of a Life Transition. Your transition may be divorce, death in the family, job loss, career change, injury, empty nester, to name just a few.


Huge gratitude to Devin Alexander for her $100 gift, to HWT-member Chris Lawrence for planting the idea to run this contest, and major kudos to our incredible Coastal Carolina University (“CCU”) interns Angela Pilson, Kathryn Mann and Kristina Cesternino who devoted countless hours and endless enthusiasm to make this contest a reality.  If you have suggestions for future contests, please post your comments below.