It’s been said we are living in “The End Times”, and well, we have been since Jesus took His place on the right hand of God.  But I don’t think anyone would argue that the times we live in are looking more and more like what the Bible tells us to expect leading up to His Coming.

This piece of work, For Such A Time As This, was placed in my heart, I believe, by the Holy Spirit when I was asked to donate a piece of work for The Missions Conference/Fundraiser.  I was told of the books of the Bible that would be studied, and within 24 hours, the Lord placed this representation in my spirit.

We are woman, here, today, for such a time as this, with judgment day and Jesus coming on the clouds just on the horizon.  The different colors of skin and different colors of hair on the woman represent all women, everywhere.

The light surrounding the center woman expresses that we must be centered and grounded in Christ, and then and only then, from that foundation we are able to be a wife, a mother, providers, career women, we nurture and are caretakers and so much more.  We are many women and yet we are one woman, centered in Christ,

For Such a Time as This.

May God Bless You and Keep You,

May He Shine His Light Upon You.

This painting along with several others from other local artists with be offered in a silent auction during the conference.  All proceeds go to fund the missions of White Harvest Trading Company.

In Him,

Carla J Schuchman