Do I walk alone even though I know a friend is next to me? Are we capable of enjoying ones own company? Can we bring in a friend and add them to our company? Do we feel alone on a path with people walking with friends while we walk alone? Each person manifests their own strengths and abilities to their individual needs.
One of my most enjoyable trips was when I went to Puerto Rico alone my first year of college. I got to know myself, enjoy my own company. Even though I ended up with nail polish remover in my eye, I managed to flush it out with water with the anxiety of knowing I was alone and if my eye continued to burn, I was up the proverbial creek without a paddle. I was drawn there and had to defend my own self. Ironically, I was drawn there while exploring sights unseen. Many women in particular experience difficulty venturing on their own, driving on bridges and even throwing out the garbage. Some women depend on their significant other to pay bills and allow for them to control the money management. Control is the word. If you need to be controlled or are in a position to feel that you are not able to do things for yourself, you need to take inner action. Many emotionally abused women fear that their partners will walk away if they attempt to become a partner monetarily or do not comply to they’re thinking. This is when a woman needs to immediately stop and discover what their internal intuition tells them. It is essential to search and realize that if you do not have the ability to voice your efforts in a relationship and are not respected, meaning the partner does not have to agree with you, yet, the partner must understand that respect is essential in money, beliefs and trust. The domino effect comes into play. A woman must walk away from a bad situation if she is being belittled because her soul will die. She may physically be standing but she is dying internally. My mother’s independent influence brought me to venture out on my own.She had no choice but to be strong and having lost my father to cancer at an early age, her cards were thrown at her. Having inner strength takes experience and time. Enabling your soul to know within you that you are one and you need to trust yourself that is the most essential component that women need to learn. An old friend of mine went on a survival course. He was dropped off on this deserted island to fend for himself. His mission was to learn how to survive in a one week time frame. I thought this was absurd at the time.,but now I view this concept as an asset in trusting yourself. In learning to trust yourself you become grounded and stronger. You need to understand the life long issues of survival. My friend came out as strong as a rock. He was a survivor. He described situations that he had to find berries and make a fire to keep warm. He was on his own and that experience in itself made him stronger as a young man growing up. Depending on a man is virtually a curse. Many women have chosen to lean on their spouse and can never imagine it turning dark, however, it can turn dark because life throws us so many punches at different intervals of our life. We need to face them because it is within the realm that our incarnation has given us a multiple amount of cards, a deck, that needs to be worked with in our new incarnation. In my mother’s case she lost her best friend, her husband. Other women learn that their husband is NOT their best friend and have reason not to trust them. Some are choices others are tossed at you. Sometimes we recognize our spouse is a different person than who we thought they were and find them belittling us or hurting our feelings or speaking about us to outsiders, then it is up to us to accept or reject this abuse. This is a challenge, again another deck of cards delbt to us. Sure it is sad, but sad does not help us get through difficulty that impacts a family in a destructive fashion. In that case, I think we would not be able to handle any of the cards that GOD has given us. In fact, if we stretch our imaginations to the extreme, we can use our strategies to effectively work out issues in this life that will prevent them from having to repeat them over again. It can be a deck of cards that literally will toss you in the woods ,deserted and trying to find your way out. In doing so, the best way to approach this matter is to collectively attack the blazing fire with strength and of course it is natural to feel emotional pain while enduring this life’s challenge. You will eventually understand when the lesson has been successfully accomplished or you will know that you were not able to venture into it deep enough to move onward toward the next level of success. Many incarnations repeat themselves because they have not be successfully fulfilled. Never say never but understand that challenges will invite themselves into your life at specific times to test your endurance.I have learned that judgement is totally incorrect. I have learned that people do things to save their situations and thus I cannot put myself into another person’s shoes in determining what they did was right or wrong. Those who judge are close minded. There was a time where I judged every inch of the way, but life’s experiences teach us that we one day could be in the same position that was chosen by another person is now in our pocket and recognize that we are now in their roles and have seen that our possible decision to make a change can’t be an option. We then go back to the question, Do I walk alone? We all walk alone but it matters how you walk alone.