Dear Phyllis:

Since most women in this country are “normal”-sized and plus-size, why can’t we drop the term “plus-size” and make those skinny bitches “minus”-sized?  (I know you can’t use that term, but I had to say it. Haha) ~Marilyn T.


Oh dahling, I am definitely not opposed to using that, along with many other terms.  Believe me, I have observed of late some discussion amongst the community of large and lovely ladies online on that very subject.  Here’s a link to a short article about Crystal Renn’s book in the fashion section of New York Magazine (click here). She says, “Let’s get rid of straight size and plus size. It’s bullshit. Just say model.”  That was back in 2009, for Pete’s sake, so you, my dear, are not alone in this opinion.

The term plus-size in clothing is just as silly.  C’mon, people–List the sizes you carry, pure and simple.  We don’t need a term that makes large and lovelies seem so much different than others when, as you pointed out, the truth is in reverse.

What are we going to do about it?  To start with, make your voice heard where you shop.  Tell them how you feel about it, and make a stink if it’s important to you.  Keep writing and making the point.  There is a parable about the persistent widow who keeps going to a corrupt judge for justice, over and over and over.  Finally, the judge gives in and rules rightly in her favor because he realizes that until she gets the justice she deserves, she’s never going to get out of his hair.  The squeaky wheel does indeed get the grease, my dear.  So who do we have to run over to get out the message – WE ARE NORMAL!!!   Stand up in the middle of the factory with a sign that says “normal”?   Whew, stepping back and jumping off the literal soap box.

Danke fur zie kvestion dahlink.


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