Teaching Kids to Reach Out, Speak Up and Be Heard


With teenage bullying on the rise, Edie Raether, speaker, author and the CEO of the Wings for Wishes Institute, launched her anti-bullying series:  STOP BULLYING NOW – Creating Caring Cultures.  Her programs include training for educators, and leaders of church, community and parenting groups. Raether’s keynotes and roll-up-your sleeves intervention strategies to stop bullying in schools are presented to all school levels as well as colleges.  She also offers programs to stop workplace violence.  A family therapist and expert on behavioral psychology, Raether also launched an interactive, empowering character building program, I Believe I Can Fly!.

With the increase in student suicides, including very young children, the problem has become epidemic requiring immediate action. Cyberbullying and cellphones make it easier for the bully to remain elusive and the messages to become more haunting. Raether uses social sculpting, role playing and other active participation and experiential learning methods to increase awareness and build empathy from the “insight” out. Both the bully and the victim are transformed by rewriting their life scripts. The victim is empowered and the bully becomes a mentor and advocate of anti-bullying campaigns.

Distinguishing between discipline and punishment which only perpetuates the problem, Raether provides systems of psychological self-defense to give victims a voice. There is no innocent bystander.  If you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem.  Raether gives the bystander permission to speak up by differentiating between tattling (getting someone “into” trouble) and telling (getting someone “out” of trouble).

Research indicates that about one in three students report being the victim of bullying as the cycle of violence continues, for most bullies were first victims of bullying. To be part of the solution, Raether offers understanding and healing as well as tips on prevention and intervention in her eBook, Why Are Kids So Mean – Stop Bullying and Make Caring a Conscious Choice to be followed with a book to be released soon.

Raether is a Change Strategist and international speaker, author and coach, who has empowered audiences on five continents. A frequent guest on TV and radio, Edie has also been a TV and radio host on ABC. She is a behavioral psychology and family expert available for interviews upon request. Contact (704)658-8997 or [email protected]

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