Gifts for the Shabby Chic Fanatic

Shabby chic is a very popular style that is being embraced by home owners around the world. The style of shabby chic is all about vintage comfort, giving your décor a slightly rustic and antique feel, without having to splash out on expensive traditional furnishings.

Shabby chic can be used across the home in a variety of ways, whether it’s with furniture or furnishings, or even with decorations and accessories. If you know someone with a birthday coming up or even now that Christmas is round the corner, a shabby chic gift for a loved one is the perfect way to give that unique, yet sentimental gift.

There are so many places to buy shabby chic gifts; you really are spoilt for choice. Before you begin, you need to decide exactly what size a gift you are looking for and then check out our guide below:


Now when you think of buying someone a gift, a piece of furniture is probably not the first thing that springs to mind, but actually it can provide a lifelong gift that will be really personal and sentimental.

If your gift is for an adult friend and they enjoy the odd tipple now again, then something like a gorgeous wine rack from Sylvester Oxford could be the perfect shabby chic gift:

If you have a friend who loves travelling, then perhaps a fantastic “Frequent Flyer’s Clock” could be right up their street. It’s great to be a bit different when thinking of a gift, and this brilliant time zone clock will help your recipient keep an eye on the time from all corners of the globe:


Decorations and accessories are of course much easier to buy as a gift as they are smaller and more likely to fit in the recipient’s home.

There is a great range of gorgeous little shabby chic and French inspired gifts that would suit a range of styles and tastes online. Whether you want something smaller like a gorgeous wicker heart or an embroidered cushion, you can be sure to find something to suit every taste.

Other great ideas for smaller gifts for the shabby chic fanatic include little signs and quotes or even beautifully decorated photo frames – you could even make these yourself if you are feeling thrifty!

Shabby Chic DIY

If you know someone who is seriously fanatic about shabby chic décor, then why not give them the ultimate gift of a DIY kit.

Sometimes, when achieving a beautiful shabby chic effect, it is important to know you created it yourself and the end result is unique to you. If you have a crafty friend who loves nothing more than making their own accessories and decorations, then a do it yourself kit will be right up their street and something they would never think to buy themselves.

Some kits already exist with the materials and sewing equipment needed to create your own hanging stars or decorative fabrics, but if you want to make something really special, then why not put one together yourself? There are some great sites such as Do It Yourself Chic that have everything a DIY kit could need.


There is so much to choose from when it comes to finding that perfect gift for a shabby chic fanatic, just make sure you get something that will fit in their home and compliment their current style. If in doubt, then giving them something that will allow them to make their own furnishings is a really fun and original idea.