It is a very rare thing these days to find yourself without any form of ache or pain somewhere in your body when you live a busy lifestyle.

Hydrotherapy has been around for hundreds of years and dates back as far as the ancient Greeks and Romans. Using water therapy is an integral part of many traditional medical systems and can be hugely beneficial to your health in a variety of ways.

There are many techniques used in hydrotherapy, including baths, steam inhalation, compressions, body wraps and salt glows. Applying moist heat is called “formentation” and is typically used for chest colds, flu and arthritis whereas cold compresses involve items such as ice packs that are used for sprains, headaches and sometimes dental surgery.

One of the main health benefits of hydrotherapy is muscle relaxation. The jets in a spa send out warm water and air bubbles, creating circular motions which massage your muscles. They are great to use before and after doing exercise to keep your whole body relaxed.

By making use of your body’s reaction to a range of different stimuli, hydrotherapy can help in healing many different health problems. Using water pressure, hot and cold temperatures and protracted heat application, water therapy can help with a lot of things. Whatever your skin feels is then repeated by your nerves deeper into the body, where your immune system is stimulated, this then influences your circulation, digestion, blood flow and production of stress hormones.

Using warm water the body can be soothed and relaxed, slowing down its internal activity and commanding tranquility. Cold water tends to stimulate and invigorate your body helping internal activity speed up and making your brain more alert.

A technique called Sitz baths involves patients sitting in a specially built bath tub that permits the lower abdomen area to sit under the water in a temperature different of that covering their feet. Sitz baths are mainly recommended for a range of conditions including menstrual cramps, hemorrhoids and prostate swellings.

There are tons of other conditions that hydrotherapy can help including acne, sleep disorders and depression. You may think that this sounds complicated and expensive but you would be wrong.
Specialised hydrotherapy tubs from companies such as Artesian Spas can help with a range of the health problems mentioned above and could be a luxury worth investing in. If you find this type of therapy works for you, then making this investment could really enhance your quality of life.