How to Age Like a Spring Chicken: RetroAge!

There comes a point in our lives that we become obsessed with aging. For some of us, it happens when we see those first tiny wrinkles in the corners of our eyes, or when we just can’t shed those extra pounds we packed on over the holidays.

With the passage of years, these early fears bloom full out. As we approach our forties, many of us become really frightened of becoming old.  Forty is awfully close to fifty, and very few people think of fifty as young.  Fifty starts sounding like old fogy or, even more dreaded, Senior Citizen.

I coined the term Retro Age to create a totally transformed way of experiencing aging. Have you ever considered that the negative stereotypes that bombard you daily strongly impact how you will actually age?  With enough negative feedback, it’s no surprise that we all fear the aging process. We’re programmed to fear it!

Certainly, it seems we are justified in dreading aging.  As we look about us, we see unappealing, hunched-over older people.  We see diseases, wheel chairs, halting gait, poor memory, sluggishness, sadness, false teeth, nursing homes.  It’s frightening.  Sad to say, many people’s lives do become awful as they age. But I believe this happens because of negative conditioning and poor self-care. If you choose to have a different future, you can change those dreadful images into hopeful, appealing ones.

And the agent of change is RetroAge!

RetroAge provides you with a choice for your future.  Either you can, quite literally, stand by and wait for your face to wrinkle, your joints to ache and your memory to fade, or you can take action to reverse almost all negative aspects of aging.

Yes. How you age is in your hands. Grasp it, respect it, and you’ll transform an inevitable decline into an exciting uphill climb. Yes, it’s a climb. But it’s surely worth it!

See you on the mountain!