How to Make your Front Door Give a Great First Impression

Before taking a single step into your home, the first thing any guest will notice is your front door. The entrance to our home is the first impression we make, so it seems odd that many of us neglect our doors.

Here are just a few simple ways to increase your curb appeal and show off your style to the neighbours, before you even invite them in.

Paint it to stand out

If you want your home to instantly stand out then choose a fresh lick of paint. Make sure you’re happy with the choice of colour. You can even attach some sample swatches to your door first to see how they look against the surrounding area. Opt for an oil-based or acrylic latex paint for best results. Adding a primer will also help to improve the look of your front door.

Some online guides show you how to remove your door before you paint, but if you are cautious to not make a mess then you don’t necessarily have to do so. Put mats or plastic down to avoid marking the floor, and then tape around the edges and hardware of your door, as well as laying newspaper over any glass or non-removable items.

Prep the area by sanding and wiping to get rid of any dust or imperfections on the door. Then get painting, trying to keep an even streak. Reattach the door if need be and then enjoy being the most stylish house on the block.

Add new knockers and handles

If you aren’t willing to paint over your front door but want to add a little finesse to it, then consider attaching new knockers and handles. Antique brass is a huge styling trend of 2013/2014, so adding a new handle against a dark wood frame will give your door an elegant and vintage feel. There are many step-by-step guides to show you how to replace your door handles, including a very helpful one at

To try something a little different, add a quirky door handle. This is not only an inexpensive way to jazz up your door, but is also a practical choice for those who do not have doorbells. Popular doorknocker styles include lion heads, foxes and dogs, although there is a vast selection of novelty knockers for those who want to share some humour with their visitors.

Decorate around it

Revamping your front door doesn’t start and end with the door frame. Consider spicing up the surrounding area as well. Soft lighting is very welcoming for evening visitors, and lamps can add a touch of class to your house exterior. However, if you want light up your front door without worrying about rewiring electrics, then there are many stick & click and standing lights available. You can even loop simple fairy lights around nearby trees or wooden poles to create an instant wow look.

Place potted plants, flowers and small trees around to bring a sense of colour and life to your front door as well. You can even add a customised doormat to welcome your visitors in your own, personal way.

Get creative with your house number

One of the quickest and easiest ways to decorate your front door is by attaching your house number. People who haven’t been to your home before will be looking out for these, so you might as well make them eye-catching.

There are various ways of adding your house numbers. One option is to create a stencil and paint the numbers (or letters if you prefer) directly onto your door. If you want to do this, make sure you choose a colour that compliments the shade of the frame. Otherwise, you can purchase tiles or individual numbers in a huge range of styles and colours to attach by nail or adhesive. Again, online guides can help you to do this. Either way, make sure you are happy with the positioning of the numbers before you start painting or drilling.

Get festive

If you want to temporarily transform the appearance of your home’s exterior, then there is no better time to do so then around the holidays. Fairy lights and Christmas wreaths are a warm and merry way to celebrate the yuletide season, and it’s guaranteed to make you feel festive whenever you arrive home.

Christmas isn’t the only time to get decorating though. Add pumpkins and fake cobwebs at Halloween or attach some ribbons and balloons to your door whenever one of your loved ones is celebrating a birthday. There is always an excuse to add a little flair to your front door.