indigo childrenIndigo Children View the World as Different

Indigo Children are highly intelligent children who are articulate and think of things that are interesting, engaging, creative at the rate of “ten per second.” They are children who ” toast marshmallows in the fire, while you are trying to put out the fire”.  Similar to the book,”A Wrinkle in Time,” “The Tesseracts” were told to stand in a line and jump up and down. The little girl who saw outside of the box chose not to follow the rules. This activity did not make sense to her, thus she decided to stop jumping. She chose not to be a follower, but instead an independent thinker. As a result to her being different and not following the rules, she was ostracized and asked to stand in a corner. The little girl did not understand the reasoning of this request.

Children need to have respect, direction, rules and certainly comply with what is requested of them by an educator, administrator, parent or guardian. It is true that having guidelines makes a child feel safe. It is rather a new concept to society to notice an “Indigo Child” and view their thinking as different. These children do not want to be defiant, just that their thinking is beyond creative. Indigo Children display new and abstract thinking strategies. Their psychological attributes are outside of the box and call for the attention of parents and educators to understand that they need to be viewed and respected as being different. In doing so, this will  avoid creating frustration levels for both the child and the educator/parent. Several questions have been posed asking if “Indigo Children” are children who are smarter than we were at their age. Then that brings us to how come so many of these children are being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder? Isn’t it true that Ritalin is freely given out to children? Is it possible that these children are here to offer a new perspective to society?

Indigo Children are very special people who come into the world knowing who they are and understanding that they are different from other children. These children need to be recognized for the outstanding qualities and need to be respected and not labeled negatively but given the positive reinforcement while being guided with love and acceptance.

Unfortunately, educators tend to label students by viewing previous records prior to making their own analysis and determining the results by assessing them until the middle of the school term. It is easier to look at notes and follow what was documented previously rather than determine a situation accordingly through observation, time and assessment.  In understanding a child is to know how the mind works. It is essential in the “New Age times, that we are currently living in to acquire knowledge of how an “Indigo Child”  views and responds to the world.

What is an “Indigo Child”? A child that has come into the physical world with a gift for viewing the world in a different perspective than the acceptable child. The “Indigo Child” is one who wonders and explores and looks into a clear bubble and pretends that they are submerged in this bubble. Being that this is magical, they begin to use their imagination and explore in their own world. They see themselves bouncing to places unknown and as the children are complying with all jumping in a row as they are told, they imagine they are bouncing to a magical world with colorful lollipops on the wall, reaching out to take one. The bounce and use their mind to control their magical ball that they are enveloped within. Their mind controls the movement, activity, dream and desire to think outside of the box.

Educators evaluate these students as having an educational label, when in reality the child is one who is learning through a different program. These children are intelligent but viewed as different. Different meaning not how one should be viewed. If we view the corporate world, we observe a time clock. Movement occurs when the cell phone and technological components become visual and auditory. People begin to walk fast to move to a meeting and the sounds of footsteps are heard. An Indigo Child views the world not in a straight line, similar to both the Reggio Emilia and Summer Hill Philosophies and now Howard Gardner’s new and accepted study at Harvard University, “Spirituality” as his ninth stage of multiple Intelligence’s. “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”-Albert Einstein

Written by, Nancy Meryl, [email protected]