Is Stress Making a Mess in Your Life?

Stress is one of the messiest things when it comes to creating in life. (And you are always creating…. but most don’t realize that they are doing it).  When you are stressing out about situations, people, family, money, or whatever subject you are currently stressing over….. you are feeling awful.  That feeling sends out a frequency that is matched with  more situations and circumstances that match it.  Whether you like it or not. Stress

When you are worrying (which is what stress is caused from) you are using your Imagination.

When you focus on the feelings you would like to experience…. you are using your Imagination.

The difference is…. one feels great…. and one feels awful.

You may think you have no control over the stress in your life, but in truth, NO ONE can decide how you feel except you.  YOU are the only one who chooses how to respond with your feelings to what others are doing, thinking, or saying.  When someone behaves in a certain way, You choose to feel bad about it, (guilt, anger, frustration, worry etc) when you have the ability to choose to feel differently.

If you are saying to someone “You are putting me in a bad mood!”…. it’s not them that is doing it…. it’s you.

You may think this is bad news….    but really…. it’s great news!  When you decide how you feel regardless of what others are doing…. YOU take back your power.  It’s YOUR vibration the Universe is responding to, so if you have a mess from stress… it is only You who can clean it up.

Although it’s easier to blame others for how we feel, and what is happening to us, the result of this way of thinking is creating more and more messes that will keep showing up over and over again.

With practice (yes….. mastering your emotions takes practice) YOU can become a deliberate creator of the feelings you experience.  Would you like to feel good in life?  Would you like to feel enjoyment from the experiences you have?  Would you like to leave the mess behind as you eliminate stress from your life?   The choice is always yours.

For over 40 years, stress was my constant companion, and life sucked.  I was overweight, living on welfare, feeling depressed so much that some days I couldn’t get out of bed…. sound familiar?

When I learned the power of my own thoughts, and learned how to master my own feelings….. the mess wasn’t so messy, and the stress seemed to be less and less frequent in making appearances in my everyday life.

Stress is caused from using your imagination in a way that doesn’t serve you, and something that is totally within your control.  Go within, discover who you are, and allow yourself to imagine your life as you would like it to be.

My own research has been so valuable to me in this subject, I have decided to share everything I have learned in the last 5 years on the topic of deliberate creating and the power of using your imagination.

I am hosting monthly Spiritual Workshops (online) there is no cost, and anyone seeking answers is welcome to attend.

If stress is making a mess in your life, it may be just what you need to get you headed in the right direction as you step into your own personal power.  In the meantime, here are some tips that you can begin using right now to reduce the stress in your life.

GIVE YOURSELF TIME EACH DAY – Even if it’s 10 minutes behind a locked bathroom door, give yourself a few minutes each day to connect with who you really are.  Even if you just use the time to take a breath, away from what may be blowing up around you.

USE YOUR IMAGINATION – Allow yourself to use your imagination to make you smile. Imagine the person you would be if you were living your ideal life. What would you be doing each day? What would your day to day experiences be if you were indeed living your ideal life?  Imagine yourself as you want to be, and BE IT in your mind.

BE AWARE OF YOUR I AM STATEMENTS- Your I AM statements are more powerful than you know. When you make a statement “I AM”__________ whatever you add after it…. locks it in place.  How many times have you said “I am so stressed out”!  I Am broke, I am angry, I am frustrated, I am so sick of this!  and….. yup, you guessed it…. it happened.

If you just take small steps and begin to practice applying what I have shared, you will notice a change.  The more you practice, the better at it you get.

wayne dyer

If you haven’t read Dr. Wayne Dyers book “Wishes Fulfilled” I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s a life changer.



You have everything you need within you right now, to begin creating change in your life…. it all begins with a
decision, and you are the only one who has the power to make it.

I recently released my “Energy Works” Resistance Release Meditation CD, and have made it available for instant download, so now you can experience the same sessions as my clients, anytime you want, from the comfort of your own home.  Whether you use my meditation, or another way to release your resistance, make sure you give yourself the opportunity each day to align with the fullest version of yourself.  Read a personal growth book, enjoy some time outside, or just take a hot bath.  Whatever way you choose to align…. just do it.



by Stephanie Kathan

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Originally published June 7, 2012