Liz Jansen is an author, speaker, coach, adventurer – and motorcycle aficionado.

Motorcycles and our relationship with them, have much to teach us, whether we ride or not. As Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment describes, “The partnership of rider and machine when they join together in perfect harmony is like observing a beautiful dance that gives birth to power, strength, balance and positive change.”

Here are 5 truths and 5 myths from motorcycles about personal power.

5 Truths On How Personal Power Is Enhanced.


We manage the power of the motorcycle through the choices we make. How we apply throttle and brakes, along with appropriate gearing, determines how much power is accessed and at what level the motorcycle performs.

We manage our personal power through the choices we make. Thoughts, emotions and behaviors control our confidence, self-awareness and ultimately, our effectiveness. Our power is always there waiting to be accessed. It’s not something anyone else can give us, nor can they take it away. Listening to our intuition, being aware of interfering thoughts and choosing wisely bring out our best!


The quality of the fuel, air and fluids we feed our motorcycle affects performance and longevity. Proactively nourishing it with the appropriate quantity of high quality ingredients will keep it running well.

We’ve all heard, “You are what you eat.” We’re also what we hear, see and feel. Eating a healthy diet and surrounding ourselves with positive, supportive people nurtures our body, mind and spirit.


Regular inspections help detect potential mechanical problems before they get out of hand. Taking corrective action reduces the risk of breaking down in the middle of nowhere the likelihood. Or avoiding an accident because our tires were worn.

Our bodies house our spirits so caring for them respects who we are. Since body, mind and spirit work together, focusing on one at the expense of another will affect the whole. Time with family, friends and nature is part of a healthy holistic regime. So is time alone.


An imbalanced load makes the motorcycle harder to manage and more likely to tip over, especially at slow speeds. Power is diverted from moving the motorcycle forward to maintaining balance. Evenly distributing the load and keeping it low and close to midline frees up energy to move forward safely.

Balancing our workload and personal responsibilities, prioritizing our activities and learning to say no, helps us manage our power and energy levels. Looking after ourselves is the first step in both looking after others and fulfilling our purpose.


Full power is available when all the individual parts perform their own function and work in harmony. A battery, tires, engine on their own have potential but you’re not going anywhere. Hook everything together in it’s place and you have synergy.

We’re all different with unique abilities and potential. Put a team together with complementary skills and let each person do what they’re good at, and not only does the whole team shine, but each individual flourishes.

5 Myths About What Influences Personal Power.


A motorcycle’s power isn’t affected by the color of paint, customized graphics or cosmetic accessories. Those things determine whether it’s attractive to our eye but it’s the engine where the power is. And the engine isn’t influenced by body paint.

We come in all different sizes, shapes and colors. We can dress ourselves up with the latest fashions and accessorize to our heart’s content. It’s our spirit that is our source of power and no window dressing changes that.

Opinions of others.

Whether someone likes a particular motorcycle or not has no bearing on it’s power. That same engine is unaffected and is going to deliver the power it’s capable of, regardless of what others think.

Other people form opinions through their own filters and life experiences. While they mean well, they project their own thoughts and fears on us. It does not change the amount of personal power we have. The first voice we listen to imust be our own.


Riding skills determine how we use the power that’s already there. Proficiency takes time to develop. As we develop confidence and hone our skills, we’re able to access and manage more power. We’re able to push ourselves further and accomplish more.

We are capable of more than we ever realize. Our skills can determine how much power we use, but they don’t determine how much is there. As we increase our self-awareness and gain new skills, we tap into greater amounts of power, opening up more opportunities for us.


When we’re riding, we need to adapt to the weather, adjust to road conditions and manage the motorcycle’s power differently.

Flexibility, patience, understanding and resourcefulness all help us weather storms that blow up periodically at work and home. It doesn’t change how much power we have, only where we’re channeling our energy at the time..


While it’s true that modern technology produces more powerful motorcycles, it doesn’t mean that power necessarily declines with age. Actually, once the engine is broken in, more power is available. Proper care and attention can keep the engine performing at high levels.

We don’t lose our personal power as our body ages. Our spirits are ageless so although our physical bodies may change, that personal power we each have remains with us and seeks expression for as long as we’re here.

Liz Jansen creates events, retreats and workshops, focused on personal growth, leadership and adventure – and motorcycles are often included. She has appeared on TV and radio shows and written for numerous print and online publications, including her own website. Follow her on Twitter or Facebook. Print or kindle copies of Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment can be purchased on Amazon.