I was speaking to a friend and she needed to vent about how poorly she was being treated by a co-worker.  Venting is always good.  When she was done I asked her what she felt she should or could do about the situation.  She said she really liked her job and the perks that came along with it but she would cry when this co-worker pushed her buttons.  So again I asked her “What could or should you do about this situation?”  As she pondered I gave her food for thought.

“You are only responsible for right now, this moment in time.  Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow will come and to anticipate tomorrow is a waste of time.   How do you feel right now in the present, this conscience moment?”  She said “OK.”   “ Let’s start with that.  You’re OK, you feel good, no drama, trauma, nothing pressing or sense of urgency.    Be grateful , know that you’re OK and right now is all you are responsible for because that’s all there is.  How does that make you feel?” “Good”, she responded. “ Well carry that feeling with you throughout the day and know that no one can take it from you.”

This is the start of a new way to think and change. It is the way to be more present in your life. You need to be more in a conscience state verses living in an sub-conscience state and allowing the sub-conscience to direct your life.   For example imagine an iceberg.  The part above the water is your conscience and below the water your sub-conscience.   What is the bigger part?  What has more control?  The subconscious  is the part that controls your everyday life.  You don’t think about brushing your teeth or showering you just do. This holds true for the negativity also.  You don’t think about crying when someone pushes your buttons you just do.  You don’t think about cursing when you stub your toe, break a nail or spill your coffee, you just do.   Do you live more in the conscience or subconscious?

  I would like the reader to understand that  no one can affect you in a negative manner if you don’t allow it.    You’re only responsible for the present moment and that’s why it called the “PRESENT.”  You make the choices in your life and are only responsible to yourself.

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