Parker House

Friday you’re invited to an inside look at THE absolute social event of the year in Rainelle, WV. Colin Lively has arranged something never before done. Mrs. Lilly Parker of Parker House on Parker Mountain, overlooking the Meadow River and the Greenbrier Valley, has invited Colin and Here Women Talk into her sunflower-yellow mansion as she prepares for the big event later Friday evening; the 60th anniversary of her annual Christmas party.

Dorothea Hamilton (left) and Lilly Parker (right)

This is the first time ever that Mrs. Parker, reigning Queen of Parker House, Parker Mountain and the Dowager Empress of Rainelle, has ever done anything public with “The Party.” But Wait! It’s not just Mrs. Parker. Also dishing with Colin will be Brad Legg, THE hairdresser of Rainelle; Pat Lively Vaughan, florist for the festivities; Amanda Reed, photographer (she’s making a commemorative portrait); and Tanja Lynn Daniels Woods, party planner.

I can’t wait for this behind-the-scenes look into Rainelle society.  (More about Lilly Parker and Rainelle.)

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