The last two-and-a-half months have been a bit of a struggle for me. As the author of a book about living with purpose, I found myself sad, lonely and out of sorts.


This past week I had several aha moments. I have been living in the world on auto-pilot. I have been doing things day-to-day that “need” to be done, rather than embracing each day and finding the joy in everything. I am someone who usually sees her glass half-full. Apparently lately I have seen it half-empty. Today as I walked with my wise teacher, my dog Sadie, it came to me. She is always so grateful for her walks. She sniffs and enjoys her surroundings and smiles as she walks. Talk about totally embracing the now! Wow!

As we started our walk I decided to walk the loop rather than going part way and stopping and turning around. I am capable of walking the longer distance, yet don’t.

Well today I realized that I do that in my life in general, more than I wish to. I will start and stop on projects. That leaves me feeling sad and a failure. It is self-sabotage. There is nothing positive about that. So I released that knowledge and made the choice to just walk and be present with Sadie.

As we walked, my mind was flooded with thoughts and the realization of what I want to do for myself. I was suddenly full of gratitude. Ahhh, that feels more like it! My Spirit was happy. My ego was pushed to the back, allowing my Spirit to guide me. No more living from fear-based thoughts! That doesn’t accomplish anything positive.

What I focus on puts energy toward that thought, empowering it to happen.

So today I once again see things with my “believing” eyes. My glass is half-full! How about yours?