In  gentle way, you can shake the world.  Fortune cookie

The night I got this fortune, my cookie came without one. Since the husband does not put much stock in these messages, I grabbed the above fortune and made it my own. So now I want to share it because I think the timing is perfect. And who better to get this reminder then someone who spent some quality time demonstrating against injustice and the man’s  violent solutions to almost every problem that befalls us whether it be with bullets or by separating the haves from the have nots.

Without giving my age away, let’s just say that I protested against wars and the oppression of people and marched for equality and our god given rights to not burn our bras when trying to make a political statement. I have been in the middle of a lot of history in a short period of time and much has left me feeling without a whole lot of hope. But what I am seeing now with the Occupy Wall Street guardians is making me feel that a change is going to come. It just might be possible because you made the whole world take notice.

Because this movement is peaceful. Because there is no one leader and while change can be uncomfortable, all I see is the courage of the convictions of so many young and old walking and working together because  we cannot survive as a people if we continue to carry on with business as usual. If global warming doesn’t scare you to death, then think about a world with no middle class.

You delivered a wake up call the world. Again.

I thank the universe for every single person who is dealing with sleeping on the cold pavement s to rising above the police or outside agitators’ violent means to discredit the movement. As you maintained your true mission, your numbers grew. You have been quite effective. Keep it up.

Please make the movement about the change the world needs to see. Get your fifteen minutes and then pass the mic to someone else. Let all voices be heard. Make Occupy Wall Street about all of us. Even the 1% who would like you to go away. Don’t go away.

Stay peaceful. When someone pushes your buttons, take a deep breath and teach them by your actions. Think – what would Gandhi or Martin Luther King do? Then do it.

Make sure the money donated to the cause goes to the cause. You are fighting against greed. Don’t get greedy. Keep the money in the cause. Okay, every Friday could be bagel day and I wouldn’t be opposed to hand and feet warmers for all.

I hate to say this but I have seen how people love to remember the negative things and so I need to say this: take showers. Alone, together, just take them. Nothing is worse than fighting for a cause and having people labeling you as the unwashed. They will do it to make people turn off to your cause. Self care is as important as you go about taking care of the world. And I got a shower and plenty of soap.  

Every truly great accomplishment is at first impossible. Fortune cookie. Again.


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