During my stay at CCU, I’ve had a couple run-ins with crazies. Monday morning was just another day when a person lost their cool, but this time, he paid for it.

A senior football player, was arrested around 8:40am on Monday morning because he was upset that I took his “fucking parking spot.” After I saw him led away in handcuffs, I felt kinda bad for the guy. It’s Monday for crying out loud, why’d you have to throw food at my car? What propelled you to get out of your car and come up to my window?

My daddy always taught me that you NEVER leave your car to go yell at someone else. You don’t know what they’ll do. AND, you never let anyone come up to your window without something to protect you. Case in point: He was driving along when someone got mad at him on the road. They ended up at a stoplight and the man got out of his car to go up to my dad’s truck to yell at him for being an asshole. My dad has a concealed carry permit. My dad likes guns. He often has one with him. Needless to say, the guy turned right back around and got in his car and shut up.

This was the second time someone tried to come up to my car to yell at me for something they didn’t like about my driving. Another woman chased me in her car all around Hwy. 544 and around the back of Lowe’s. I was stuck at a light and saw her get out of her car. I didn’t know what she had in her hand, but I wasn’t about to find out. I threw my car into drive and weaved around cars to jump into 501 traffic. I lost her eventually, but I called the cops. (She drove a Jeep 4–door, white and had blonde hair, so if you see her, don’t piss her off).

My question to people like this is: Really? What do you hope to accomplish by getting out of your car? I wasn’t going to move my already-parked car so you could park because you didn’t follow the rules (meaning, don’t park in the driving lane and wait for a spot because you will and have caused accidents and you’re blocking traffic; besides, where was your blinker?). Why chase me across the highways for twenty minutes to yell at me? Don’t you have better things to do? What if I had a gun? What if I got out and had a knife? What would you have done? What was the point?

Yeah. Don't be fooled by what they look like either.


The lesson learned here is, don’t be stupid. Don’t get out of your car to yell at someone. I almost gave the football player a nice healthy taste of mace, but luckily, the cops arrived and they gave him a healthy serving of justice. You may feel like you’ve righted the wrongs by getting out and yelling at them face to face, but you don’t know how crazy they are or if that person has a gun (concealed carry permit or not) or a knife or a baseball bat. Let it go. It’s just a fucking parking spot.