Compiled By: Working Class Wanderer- Kathryn Mann

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Obviously, the weather was terrible in January. 🙂

The idea of spending New Year’s Eve on a 12-hour bus ride doesn’t exactly sound glamorous, but I enjoyed traveling along the Garden Route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.

In the courtyard of The Backpack Hostel of Cape Town I meet Ana Gonzales of Spain who is planning to ride the same bus to Port Elizabeth, and amazingly to 99 Beach Hostel where I am to light for the night.  Based on the evidence of a coffee and dark chocolate cake breakfast, I determine she will be great company all the way. Ana and I took the seats right behind the driver and his co-pilot. I suggest this for two reasons. First, these seats afford views to the left, right and ahead. Second, it allows opportunity to ask questions about what you are viewing.

Since it was New Year’s Eve, our driver Fred wanted to make this a special trip and he delivered. Fred made some unscheduled stops to enhance our ride. One was on a bridge for bungee jumping. The drop was a mere 216 meters, the highest in South Africa.  216 meters- imagine falling 732 feet.  I don’t think so, not Neil.

A Spanish tradition for bringing in the New Year, said Ana, was to “eat one grape for each toll of the bell leading to midnight”. Wanting to contribute, I suggest we add 12 sips of wine. At our first stop there sits The Wine Rack. We jump in and ask for suggestions from the clerk. It just so happens that she has just one bottle left of an award-winning Sauvignon Blanc.

Sunrise over the Indian Ocean - The view from my window

We arrive at 99 Mile Beach Hostel, and after some mild difficulty checking in, walk the 500 meters to the beach.  It is now about 11:45 so the wait for grapes and wine is not long.

This is a wrap- After a day in Port Elizabeth (one was enough) I had one day in Jeffrey’s Bay (Ubuntu Hostel). Next stop Wilderness Beach House where, from my bunk, I have a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean. Then it is back to Cape Town for another adventure.

Live, Laugh, Love in Peace – Neil

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