“The breath-taking anecdotal accounts of Max and his disgraced whoresery hosiery designer, Nora, are nothing short of pure delusion.”

— Elana Kowalski, The Fallacyville Review

Welcome to The Colin Lively Radio Theater. Today, we are having our 7th episode in our 13 part series of Sheepshead Bay Boulevard . When we last visited Nora Redmond and her loyal servant and enabler, Max von Schtick, they had just discovered who the Bushy Headed Stranger was pacing back and forth and back and forth in front of the once palatial but now decrepit mansion of Miss Nora Redmond. After being apprehended by a big bad police woman known by all the precinct boys as Mother, his identity was revealed as a struggling British actor who had come to New York City to make his fortune and fame as a broadway song and dance man, but, so far the only song and dance job he has landed is assistant barista at the Jersey City Starbucks. Yeah, that’s right. Starbucks has made it to Jersey City. Not much decaf or skinny lattes.

He claims to be a bloke, albeit, a very handsome bloke by the name of moe Willis. The hottest British export since Hugh Jackman. Is Hugh Jackman a Brit or is he an Aussie? Well, whatever. High tight toosh, long lean and toned, and in this those super tight diesel jeans, looks like he may make his countrymen fairly proud to claim him as their own.

Moe claims he left his mta card on the subway, along with his wallet and his loose change. He claimed to Mother that he was eying the weeds that had long overtaken the once lovely flowerbeds of Beige Gardens and the stately oaks were being suffocated by the out of control Kudzu.

Little did he know that from inside the once grand mansion were the peering eyes of Max von Schtick, who had summoned the police and the frightened eyes of Miss Nora Redmond whose paranoia was running rampant.

But Nora now has her own ideas for Moe Willis. She wants to make him her partner in what she thinks is going to bring her back to her former position as the celebrated lingerie designer, whose idea to market pantyhose in brightly colored plastic egg shaped containers. But her idea had been stolen by the evil Betty Ruay , with a lot of help and ready cash from her, how shall I put it, interested party, Mugsy Balone. Garment district  Union man. The evil Betty Ruay had even stolen noras name, Scrambled Legs .
Now nora is,working on a body cinch that she created for some aging call girls,strippers and pole dancers and is going to market them to middle America to pull it in , shove it up and push it out. She is calling them Skanks .

Now sit back and enjoy todays stirring episode of Sheepshead Bay Boulevard where we find Nora and Moe Willis sequestered is Nora’s private quarters.  Oh, by the way, any similarity at all to movies, actors, and characters you may have seen in the past, such as Gloria Swanson, Erich von Stroheim, dead monkeys, joe gillis, Norma Desmond, creepy beverly hills mansion, or a fallen movie goddess is purely coincidental.