Sheepshead Bay Boulevard Continues…Dresden Buras of Dior Cosmetics…

GeeGee Morgan on Americans Retiring To Costa Rica

2pm EDT Friday Live!

I hope you’re prepared, Sheepshead Bay Boulevard is going to be extra crazy this week! That’s all Colin would reveal, and he said that’s all we need to know…for now. So don’t miss a minute!


Dresden Buras, famed Cleveland makeup artist currently for Dior Cosmetics, and most notably known for her make-up artistry for print ads, modeling and commercials, joins Colin as he broadcasts from Cleveland. I’m sure she’ll have some make-up tips for the everyday gal, and maybe a tip or two to help us look “model perfect” for that special occasion. Hopefully she can advise us on how to keep our make-up in place in the awful heat and humidity that many in the country are experiencing!

Some Americans are choosing to retire in foreign lands, and a popular destination is Costa Rica. GeeGee Morgan and her husband are one of those retiring American couples choosing a tropical paradise to spend their retirement years. We’ll find out why it’s so appealing, and how different it is from living in the good ole USA.

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