Stepping Outside My Groove

I often read the blog posts of others on this site.  Many I find amusing as they are intended to be, some educational as those are intended, and other simply entertaining.  While I have been known to be highly opinionated on many subjects, not the least of which is politics, I try to remain open-minded as to all things.  Most times I can pull that off, but here lately it becomes more and more difficult.

I read the “header” here on the blogs that “no subject is taboo”.  Well, dear friends, we shall see about that. (please smile as that was my hope with that statement).  Folks who know me personally know what area of internet activity consumes most of my time, but as the title of this post indicates, I am ready to step outside “my groove” and venture into new areas.  I will, as time permits, post thoughts and opinions here on “Here Women Talk”.  I appreciate the opportunity that would allow a male to invade this domain but do not take that statement as anything other than my hope that I may contribute something meaningful, from time to time, to the good that fills this site.

Thank you for the opportunity and stand by for future thoughts, opinions and other adventures that come to my aged mind.