Colin Lively

Think of it as a 20th reunion with your best friend, only better.

Colin Lively’s return to Cleveland has not only caused a media frenzy, but created a stir among the fashion forward. The master of Ballyage, his personal coloring technique perfected in the eighties, Colin is definitely the go-to stylist once again. His welcome-home party brought women from in and outside of Cleveland.

Truth be told, he can’t be credited for this success alone; Dior’s wizard at the local Nordstrom location, Dresden Buras, tantalized her clients with visions of hair styling equal to her makeover expertise. The result? A cross section of incredible women who are leaving the salon and Nordstrom with truly their best faces forward.

Although initially a bit concerned about the response to his return, Colin is so thrilled with his welcome that he’s planning to return to Cleveland on a monthly basis. As for Cleveland? Well, let’s just say, the town has never looked this good.

Editor’s Note: Colin Lively hosts the weekly internet talk radio show, “The Colin Lively Show,” every Friday at 2pm EST on, part of the Zeus Radio Network. Chat-in or call-in at 877-500-ZEUS (9387). featured Colin in their December 2007 issue (here).