Kinlen Wheeler

Wednesday, 11am EDT, LIVE on YAK with co-host Carla Goddard and Guests Kinlen Wheeler, Alicia Ali, Bill Douglas and Ann Rosencranz (or via Archives/PodcastsiTunes).

  • Energetic Ceremonial Work at Stonehenge
  • International Gathering of Shaman
  • Global Vigil Fires

Imagine 40 Shaman gathered around a three-day vigil fire at Stonehenge, chanting, praying, drumming. Then, in two-hour shifts, pairs of Shaman tend the fire, each pair using their vigil to share their own medicine with the world.

Carla Goddard

This is what will happen April 19-22 at Stonehenge. And while that’s going on, all around the globe more than 300 fires will burn, tended by local energy healers and light workers.

Shaman Medicine Woman Carla Goddard co-hosts YAK on Wednesday when Kinlen Wheeler of Sacred Pathways,  co-creator of the Global Vigil Fire, shares some of the rituals, mystery and magic this spiritual community uses to weave a new global tapestry, each person bringing their own gifts and using their own vision of what the world CAN be.

Saudi Arabia Driving Ban

Alicia Ali

And Spiritual Poet Alicia Ali joins us LIVE from Saudi Arabia, sharing Qudra (Arabic for Universal Life Energy) and the healing arts in Islam. How perfect. Wednesday we join East and West to help heal the world.

UPDATE!  The world is on a healing journey. Since posting our original announcement, we’ve learned of even more global healing events this month, and we’ll hear about them, too.

Bill Douglas

World Healing Day: 15 years ago, Tai Chi Teacher Bill Douglas and his wife spent their savings to start a movement for world healing.  It caught on. Now it’s a global human happening held in hundreds of cities in over 65 nations, the last Saturday of April each year at 10am local time. Beginning this year on April 28 at 10am in New Zealand, it’s a worldwide wave of healing (what a lovely thought). Bill will join us to tell about the millions who participate each year.

Ann Rosencranz

13 Indigenous Grandmothers: Spiritual elders from all four directions heard these words in prophecy: Mother Earth is in agony and you must come forward to help her and all her inhabitants heal. In 2004 they did, and today, this international council works globally in prayer ceremonies for healing of Mother Earth and all her creatures. We’ll hear from Ann Rosencranz, one of the conveners for the Grandmothers, about Soul Fire Circles for the Gulf scheduled for April 16-20 as well as several other healing movements involving the Grandmothers.

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