Susan Murphy Milano – Time’s Up, Cancer!

As some readers know, our dear friend and host of  Time’s Up, Susan Murphy-Milano, has been diagnosed with stage IV cancer.  She is in the care of some wonderful doctors, and Susan fully intends to make it through this, especially with the help of her friends.

She will continue to do the things she loves best — her radio shows, blogging, writing, and especially promoting the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit and the site, Document the Abuse.Com which she is extremely passionate about.


Susan has started a website and daily blog to document her progress, and to keep everyone informed with what is happening. She finds she can reach more people, and get out all information, if it’s all located in one place. The site is ConqueringCancer.Me where you can get up-to-date info and make a donation for Susan during her current health challenge. If you are able to help, she’d appreciate your love, healing light and visualizations, support, and donations. With no insurance coverage, Susan’s medical bills are piling up and every dollar helps. (Click here for more info on making a donation)

The entire Here Women Talk / Zeus Media Network family sends their love, light and best wishes to Susan as she takes on this newest challenge. Knowing Susan, Time’s Up on cancer!