Robyn R. Hearts

Diva Dorothy Bishop and female impersonators Robyn R. Hearts and Donna Maxon LIVE online Friday, 2pm EDT on The Colin Lively Show.

Cleveland called me for the biggest gay pride weekend ever, and so my sidekick and frequent guest, Dorothy Bishop, NYC’s favorite entertainer, will be hosting.

Dorothy is also known as Diva of the High C’s. That title has been bestowed because of her years of headlining on the stages of the world’s most luxurious cruise ships  She has regaled adoring fans on all the oceans.

Donna Maxon

Donna Maxon, “performance artist,” ala Bette Midler tribute artist, refers to her genre as, “theater-to-go,” and incorporates music, comedy and motivational speaking into her cabaret-style shows. Bette Midler was right when she exclaimed to Donna, “Girl you have a career” back in 1987 on the set of “Outrageous Fortune.”

Robyn R. Hearts is headlining this weekend on the main stage at Cleveland’s Pride Weekend. Robyn, at a very young age, has already created a national following as a gorgeous, witty, and highly intelligent female impersonator. As the baton gets passed from my generation to Robyn’s, no one inherits it with more regard than what I have for Robyn. I will be listening, and you should be too.

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