Suzanne Evans: Fat, Gay & Broke to Millionaire: Wed., August 1st 11am EDT

“Your checking account tells your story,” says Suzanne Evans. That’s a scary thought, and if it’s true, I’m in deep do-do.

Action expert Suzanne Evans, business-building and wealth coach for women, joins me live online on YAK Wednesday, August 1st, 11am EDT, telling how she went from zero to millionaire in three years and has coached private clients to total revenues exceeding $8 million via live events, virtual coaching programs and high-end VIP coaching.

To free yourself financially, she says, you have to take 100% responsibility for everything you are experiencing and then make a different choice; responsibility breeds authority.

She’ll tell us:

  • 5 bad decisions that are keeping your business from making money
  • Why you need to stop marketing and instead start a movement
  • How to make your mess your message
  • How to master making decisions
  • How to turn conversations to cash
  • Her own 15-minute formula that took her to 7-figures


Plus, our own lovable Colin Lively joins us for a little CLZ, and maybe he too will share some tips on success.


Live online Wednesday, August 1st, 11am EDT

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